This project was made as a thesis in fulfillment of a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and would not have been possible without a number of individuals. It takes a village to make a thesis (and a college experience)!

Big thank you to the RISD Graphic Design Department, the RISD Media Group, Minji Koo, Clear Chen, Eunice Hong, Corinne Ang, Ethan Murakami, Elena Foraker, Sarah Alvarez, Renée Cu, Young-Eon Kim, JuEun Jeon, Damini Agrawal, Maiki Ueda, Sam Boughton, Gianna Mulville-Zanetta, Xio España, Jessica de Leon, Amanda Yang, Sally Park, Lee Sy, Arianna Bernas, Mia de Jesus, Cara Padilla, Esmeralda Goncalves, Paul Soulellis, Lucy Hitchcock, Ramon Tejada, Shubhani Sarkar, Jake Vergara, Paul Yap, Seojoo Han, Karen Harris, Erin Unkefer, Pip Caplan, Angela Lorenzo, Nancy Skolos, Emily Mahar, and Grace Young.

Thank you to Huy Vu for your advice, to Darla Domingo for your enthusiasm, to Tammy David for your support, and to Everett Epstein for your thoughtfulness.

Thank you to Shelby Bernard, Beth Fisher, Mishelle Kim, JJ Lim, Natalie Ma, and Charis Moon for being with me since day one of college. 

Thank you to my amazing extended family (300+ people strong) for your warmth. Special mention: Jessica Teh-Choa, Lourdes Policarpio-Teh, Alexander Ong Oh, and Nicole Ong Oh.

Thank you Tito Henry Palacios for your magic.

Thank you to Aki Nurosi for your faith.

Thank you to my dad for your listening ear.

Thank you to my mom for believing in my dreams.

RISD BFA Graphic Design Thesis 2020