The future isn’t set in stone, but soil.

From tarot cards to origami fortune tellers, humans have used tools to predict the future. Often, these predictions don’t come true. Occasionally, they do but in a roundabout way, barely fitting into our initial interpretations and surprising us.

Frankly, I don’t think that any of the aforementioned methods could ever fully predict the future. However, I believe that these futile, somewhat funny attempts are more telling of who we are right now than of our future. The fact that we would trust chance operations to ease our anxiety indicates a desperation to cope with life’s uncertainties.

As I sent applications to nearly a hundred companies and coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, I created the Fruits Of Labor Oracle Deck as a marker of my career’s uncertainty. I felt entitled to some kind of reward after four years of working incredibly hard to obtain an undergraduate degree.

When will I get to see the fruits of my labor?
Let’s ask the cards!